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Do you spit out blood with your toothpaste when you brush your teeth?  Are your gums swollen and red no matter how much you brush?  You may have gingivitis. WRONG!! Many adults, especially seniors with multiple health issues, benefit from fluoride treatments.  Older adults may notice the roots of their teeth can become exposed with…
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Tooth decay is a chronic childhood disease

Tooth decay is a chronic childhood disease Over 40% of kids ages 2-11 have it. It’s painful for your child. And, it can cost thousands to treat. The cause? Falling asleep with bottles of milk or juice. If kids go to bed with liquids other than water, acid develops in the mouth and rots teeth.…
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Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Why is it so important the toddlers not be given sippy-cups with juice? Why is it so important that young children including toddlers brush their teeth? What your pediatrician might not have told you about Early Childhood Tooth Decay. I'll discuss what signs to look for.
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