OH, I WISH I had a penny for every time I heard that cry. It can be a daunting task taking care of 28-32 misbehaving teeth.  But, it is often well worth keeping your teeth and avoiding dentures.


When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone disappears.  When all the teeth are lost, the remaining ridge of bone loses both width and height.  The lower jawbone may shrink to the size of a pinky finger!  The lips and cheek muscles collapse into the space creating a face that appears shriveled.

Since the jaw bones go through constant changes… quickly for the first year after tooth loss, then more slowly in the following decades…. dentures become loose and require a new set or a reline of the old set.

Chewing with a set of dentures requires the wearer to apply even forces on both sides of the mouth.  The palate in a traditional denture is covered with acrylic which inhibits the taste cells.

Worse yet, man’s best friend, the dog, may consider your denture to be the most fascinating chew toy!

MODERN DAY DENTISTRY has helped steer people away from false teeth.  We are able to do crowns, root canals , gum surgeries, orthodontics, dental implants and cosmetic work to maintain the teeth that are present.

If tooth loss is unavoidable.  The dental implant has revolutionalized dentures by providing a foundation for the prosthesis to connect to.

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