Written by Dr. Alice Vessel


“You need a MOD on#18, MIFL on #8, DOFL on #15, a MAOFADLJFLKDFJ on...”HUH?  OMG! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

The lingo

Teeth are described by surfaces.  Much like a box, teeth have five visual sides within the mouth.

M – Mesial:  The side closest to the midline
D – Distal:  The side farthest from the midline
L – Lingual:  the side by the tongue
B – Buccal:  the side facing the cheek
O – Occlusal:  the biting surfaces of molars and premolars
I – Incisal:  the cutting edge of the twelve front teeth

So, if a filling will cover two sides of the tooth it is, say, a M(mesial)O(occlusal), or a D(distal) O(occlusal).   Teeth are numbered starting at the upper right back tooth going to the upper left (#1 to #16).  Then the lower left proceeding around the arch to the lower right (#17 to #32).  If a tooth is missing, it still holds its place.  So, if your wisdom teeth are removed you have teeth #2 to #15 on the upper arch and #18-#31 on the lower.

Ah, those dental acronyms...and though I realize I may not the the Ole’ GOAT (Greatest Of All Times) around, I am certain that I have the best FART (Feared And Revered Team) in town.

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