Girl white perfect teeth


Porcelain veneers, zirconia crowns, take-home bleaching (ZOOM!), bonding



To improve a smile, Dr. Vessel’s office provides many options to whiten, brighten and reshape teeth as well as their supporting structures.

First, our office may suggest a whitening treatment. Over-the-counter whiteners do not match the power of professional teeth whitening systems. We offer in-office whitening using the Philips ZOOM system, which takes about an hour to whiten up to six shades. To do this, the dental professional places a protective barrier on the gums, and then applies the whitening gel directly on the teeth. The patient sits under a specialized light, which acts as an accelerator to break down the gel and fight stains.

We also offer the Night White take-home system. With these systems, our office takes a dental impression and fabricates whitening trays to wear at home. The advantage of in-home whitening is patients need only purchase the bleach, and they can use the treatment as they want and until they have achieved their desired level of whitening.

Beyond whitening, today’s veneers, all-ceramic crowns and bridges are strong, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

A porcelain veneer is a thin shell custom-made to fit a tooth. Veneers are strong, natural looking and resist stains. They correct teeth that are stained, chipped, crooked, misshaped or have large gaps between them. The treatment process involves shaping a tooth on its visible side, making room for the porcelain material. An impression is taken of the teeth, and the veneers are constructed in the laboratory. They are then attached to the tooth using a resin material.

Veneers can also be fabricated with composite resin. This is a technique where the material is placed in one visit, and then it shapes to the tooth. This option is less costly, but they can stain and chip more easily that porcelain veneers.

Some teeth may require a more extensive restoration to achieve a pleasing look. All-ceramic crowns are now stronger than ever. Plus, they virtually disappear in the mouth because light is transmitted off them the same way as tooth enamel. Our in-office laboratory can match the shade of surrounding teeth prior to making the crowns to ensure a perfect complement.

When installing all-ceramic crowns, first we prepare the tooth to make room for the crown. Then we take an impression before the final crown (or cap) is made in the laboratory. The crown is bonded to the tooth with a resin material. Missing teeth also can be replaced by all-ceramic bridges. If there is a tooth on either side of the missing tooth area, these restorations can be very aesthetic.

Beyond these options, we offer various other techniques to create a beautiful smile. One example is that we can sculpt the gums to repair a “gummy” smile. We also offer minor orthodontic procedures, along with bone grafting to build up an area after a tooth is removed.

Finally, Dr. Vessel looks beyond the aesthetics of the mouth’s interior to the skin on a patient’s face. She is certified in Botox and Xeomin procedures on the forehead, eyebrow and mouth. She can also use dermal fillers to diminish lines around the nose and sides of the mouth (the nasolabial folds).