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What is gum disease?

Written by Dr. Alice Vessel Periodontitis happens when bacteria invades the bone surrounding the tooth. It starts to eat away at the bone, causing the tooth to become loose. To correct this, dentists often do scaling and planning. What this does is removes bacteria, and it removes the disease tissue in the pocket. Then the…
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Written by Dr. Alice Vessel YOUR DENTIST SAYS… “You need a MOD on#18, MIFL on #8, DOFL on #15, a MAOFADLJFLKDFJ on...”HUH?  OMG! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? The lingo Teeth are described by surfaces.  Much like a box, teeth have five visual sides within the mouth. M – Mesial:  The side closest to the midline D – Distal:  The…
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  DENTAL….SUPERPOWERS Though my patients and staff have not elevated me to superhero status... yet… I have access to one superpower:  X-Ray Vision (with a help of a few machines). So what are all these types of radiographs used by dentists and what do they mean? The FMX or full-mouth x-ray series is a set…
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