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The first step to good oral health is diagnosing any disease that is present. At Dr. Vessel’s office, we believe a large part of that diagnosis lies in what our patients – both children and adults – are feeling and experiencing. To medically pinpoint any dental issues, we call upon Dr. Vessel’s nearly 20 years of experience as well as the latest technology, including a digital X-ray system, 3D radiology, a panoramic machine and intraoral photography.

Diagnosis begins by measuring the bone surrounding the teeth (the periodontium) with a periodontal probe. The doctor then checks for any missing, worn, damaged or decayed teeth. If no teeth are present, an X-ray may be taken to evaluate the bone quantity. At every maintenance appointment, we also screen for oral cancer and consider the patient’s overall health.

Many oral cavity diseases cannot be seen during visual examination. An X-ray exam can reveal a variety of issues, including (but not limited to) tumors, decay between the teeth, bone loss from gum disease and bone destruction from infected teeth. Our digital X-ray system allows us to immediately view images and without the need to develop them with chemicals. Additionally, the amount of radiation needed for digital X-rays is far less than the alternatives, but we still minimize radiation exposure with a small X-ray beam and a lead apron with a thyroid shield.

After we make a diagnosis, our treatment plans reflect what the patient medically expects and desires. Dr. Vessel strives to explain all the treatment possibilities available to the patient, and she makes recommendations that agree with the patient. If a treatment plan is extensive, it may take several visits to determine the right fit. When the right treatment plan is established, our office provides a cost estimate and offers payment options, if needed.

Our office tailors treatments to each individual patient so he or she enjoys optimum oral functionality and aesthetics. The entire dental team works together to help make each patient as comfortable as possible. We truly enjoy the one-on-one experience!