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[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] [mp_row][mp_span col="12"] YOUR DENTIST SAYS… “You need a MOD on#18, MIFL on #8, DOFL on #15, a MAOFADLJFLKDFJ on...”HUH?  OMG! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? The lingo Teeth are described by surfaces.  Much like a box, teeth have five visual sides within the mouth. M – Mesial:  The side closest to the midline D – Distal:  The…
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WINNER: And That’s the Tooth

Dr. Alice Vessel, DMD WINNER of the Gazette's Best Of - Expert Picks Services & Professionals My pappy always told me that once I was living on my own, it was important to find tow things I could rely on – a good mechanic and a good dentist. My mechanic retired, but I still have…
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IV Sedation (Commercial)

There's no need to fear the doctor anymore. With IV sedation dentistry, you can go through your entire procedure relaxed and in control, losing only your fear and the memory of the procedure. Certified to perform sedation dentistry, Dr. Alice Vessel uses state-of-the-art equipment to treat gum disease, perform root canals, and restore smiles through surgical implants and cosmetic veneers.

No matter your age, don’t let fear keep you from a beautiful smile. Contact Dr. Vessel today!